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Here is some information about the hardware we require or recommend for your modules:

Updated December 30, 2020

Follow the standards and this should not happen on your module!

Especially if you use a Gap Master #GM008 ( a recommended item)!..These are made to work with code 55 rails.

(Photo copyright by American Tie and Timber website)

The standard in the Free-moN community is the butt-joint at the module endplate instead of joiner rails.

The Gap Master is affixed to the end of the module (I use two-part epoxy) and provide a very secure spot to solder the rail ends.

Wayne, at American Tie and Timber, is very responsive and provides really good speedy service. Please consider using these as they make the job so much easier and provide a good result.

Coming Soon - The LocoHub!

(The image above belongs to Adventures in Miniature and is displayed by use of an imbedded link-please do not download.)

Details and information here: The Loconet Hub

These units are used with a DIAB Command Station unit as developed by the N-Land Pacific Free-moN group in So. Cal.

The euro-style terminal strip.

Used to terminate your DCC and Aux power wires at the ends of the modules.

These come in several lengths and longer ones can be cut to the minimum of 4 terminals.

The wires should be tinned with solder before use with these terminal strips.

The common barrier style terminal strip is ok, but with it you must use lugs on the wire ends. Part #:538-39100-1002 (a 4 terminal strip). Part #:215011 (a 12 terminal strip-just saw it into 3 4-terminal strips). Part #:ED3006-ND (a 12 terminal strip-just saw it into 3 4-terminal strips).

Anderson 30 amp Power Poles are used to connect DCC power wires between modules, these are required item.

These are used for both the DCC track power and the aux power (two reds, arranged one on top of the other, are used for DCC and two blacks, arranged side-by-side, are used for aux power).

One unit includes the plastic housing (red or black - your choice) and one internal metal connector. is a good source.

RJ12 6P6C Plug for flat stranded, 6 conductor cable (another required item). These connect the loconet cables between modules and between universal throttle panels on the modules. product number: 7270. Be very exact if you purchase these yourself as there are several similar, but different types of plugs and while they may appear to be identical, they are NOT!

RJ12 6P6C Straight Inline female to female coupler, optional but they make the change-out of loconet cables easier if one fails and they are handy to join several loconet cables to span modules without connections. product number: 7278

Finally the universal throttle panel. These are mounted on the module fascia and are inter-connected between modules with the loconet cables and allow you to connect/disconnect your throttle to the module and move alongside your train as it travels between modules. These are available in two different configurations. Digitrax markets their own which are not compatible with other brands of DCC systems. We recommend using the generic model available from Tony's Trains or Litchfield Station since they work will ALL major brands of DCC systems including Digitrax.

Most modules require two of these, one on each side near the middle.

Download a video of a fiber optic setup to indicate turnout position: click here

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